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The NYCWiki is an experimental joint effort of Wikimedia New York City, the New York Chapter of the Internet Society, Inc., and ultimately the NYC community.

New York City has hundreds of neighborhoods each with its own story. That story is presented here using the editing and governance techniques developed by the Wikipedia/Wikimedia community.

Learn all about our projects at NYCwiki:Community portal, and for the history of the collaboration see About NYCwiki.



While the word "neighborhood" seems familiar and clear, the role of a neighborhood in New York City is not. City neighborhoods are not a formal part of the government infrastructure and even their borders are frequently amorphous. Here we seek to present neighborhood heritage, the civic, commercial, and cultural services available, and the challenges and the opportunities residents face.

The NYCwiki began in June 2010. Neighborhood names in blue have some information entered while names in red do not. Activate a red neighborhood page or add your experiences to a blue one.

Click on your neighborhood and provide information you think will benefit your neighbors. Remember though that it's a wiki and your neighbors might weigh in with additional facts or an contrary opinion. The firm rule in such instances is BE NEIGHBORLY.

The current Neighborhood of the Month is:
Harlem, Manhattan
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Total 65


Total 84


Total 59


Total 84

Staten Island

Total 62

Neighborhood Statistics

Neighborhoods Per Borough
Borough Count
Bronx 65
Brooklyn 82
Manhattan 59
Queens 84
Staten Island 62
Total as of July 27, 2010[1] 352

Neighborhood Maps

Identifying the city's neighborhoods is a challenging task. Maps are a great way to present a neighborhood. But how do you identify its borders? One possible tool for this is Which Neighborhood. Some minor changes are needed to make it really useful for this task, but we believe they are forthcoming. So keep an eye on it.

Current sources for neighborhood maps include:

  • NYC Dept. of City Planning Neighborhoods Map of neighborhoods.
  • DoITT NYCityMap - searchable by Address, Places of Interest, Intersection, Block & Lot, City Council District, Community District, ZIP Code. Aerial views are available from 1924, 1951, 1996, 2006 & 2008
  • OASIS NYC Map - searchable by Address, Block & Lot, ZIP Code, Neighborhood, Community District & Borough. Includes aerial views from 1609 (mostly Manhattan), 1996, 2001, 2004, 2006 & 2008

Both NYCityMap & OASIS NYC offer options for the display of a wide variety of additional information and overlays.

Research Tools

  • The New York Society Library the oldest in the city, was founded in 1754 by the New York Society, a civic-minded group formed in the belief that the availability of books would help the city to prosper. A subscription library, it now contains nearly three hundred thousand volumes, reflecting the reading and scholarly interests of its members over the last 257 years. Christopher Gray maintains a clear and detailed page there on page on researching a building's history.


  1. Source: Community District Profiles
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